All PLS teachers will experience the same placement structure throughout the training year, please see below how the training year is structured in regard to time at placements;

RoutePlacement APlacement BPlacement A
All PLS TeachersAutumn Term
September - December

Placement B Induction Day - November 2021
Spring Half Term 1
January - February (6 weeks)
Spring Half Term 2 - Summer Term
February – June

(School Direct Salaried PLS teachers are contracted until the end of the academic year)

Placement B  

The second school placement is essential in giving PLS teachers a contrasting experience to that experienced in their placement A. The length of placement B is six weeks for all PLS teachers and will take place at the start of the Spring Term. PLS will organise a swap with another contrasting school within the partnership. All PLS teachers will have visited their placement B before the Spring Term to ensure a seamless and effective transition for PLS teacher, mentor and learners. 

PLS work in partnerships with schools across East London. PLS teachers may be placed in any of these partner schools.