Partnership London SCITT

Training high quality practitioners to inspire today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders

Training high quality practitioners to inspire today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders.


Training with Partnership London SCITT will provide you with:

  • Training centred around in-school experience.
  • A Professional Curriculum centred on contemporary research and educational theory.
  • Opportunities to work with experts in pedagogy and subject specialisms.
  • Intensive support from a dedicated Mentor, Professional Coordinator Mentor and a PLS Tutor.

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Case Study

K. Squire Law Secondary NQT - PLS Alumni

I chose to study with Partnership London SCITT because…

"I really liked how diverse the schools in the partnership were. When I first visited Sydney Russell school I absolutely loved the culture and the feeling I got when I walked through the corridors. The facilities for my subjects were excellent, so I knew I would have the tools to teach really valuable and engaging lessons.”

During my training year, I most enjoyed…

"Being responsible for student’s learning on day one pushed me to do the best that I could for my students, and I love that they are all individuals from different backgrounds, different levels of enthusiasm and different senses of humour. The camaraderie between the trainees is pretty amazing too. We can celebrate the good times together but also pick each other up when we’re down. Having that support network is vital.”

The highlight of my training year was…

"Seeing one of my year 9 Food Preparation and Nutrition classes start to make the link between the food they eat and where it comes from. Knowing that I had sparked a curiosity in them through my lessons gave me an amazing sense of pride and achievement. Plus, it was good to hear jaws hitting the floor when I explained that eggs don’t grow in a field….”