Making an application

You can apply for a teacher training place via UCAS or by using a new GOV.UK service called Apply for Teacher Training.

Step one

Prepare your personal statement. Some of the suggested topics to include are:-

  • why you want to be a teacher
  • your passion for your subject 
  • the welfare and education of children and/or young people
  • the demands and rewards of the profession
  • personal qualities that will make you a high quality teacher
  • what you have gained from any school or volunteer experience
  • evidence of your subject knowledge

Step two

Arrange your referees. You need to provide two referees on your application form, one of which should be an academic referee. Your application cannot be submitted without referees so we advise you to contact them beforehand and advise them that they will receive an email from UCAS or Apply requesting that they complete your reference.

You should not use partners, relatives or friends. If you are applying for a salaried place, one of your referees should be an employer.

Step three

Complete the application form. Your qualifications and any work experience (school or non-school based) should be included. If you have difficulties with any part of your application you can contact us or you can register with Get Into Teaching, who will offer help and advice with all aspects of your application.

Selection process

Once your application has been received by PLS, it will be reviewed by the PLS Team. Should your application meet the criteria, you will be contacted on the email address provided in your application so please check your junk mail regularly in case it does not go directly to your inbox.

When we offer an interview you will be asked to bring ID and qualification documents with you.

You will be asked in advance of the interview to prepare a 30 minute lesson - the age group, number of students, topic and learning objectives will be given to you. You will need to also prepare a presentation on the rationale of your lesson plan.

You will also be asked to complete written assessment tasks - all applicants will complete the Fundamental English and Mathematics Assessments to assess your proficiency, while secondary applicants will also complete a subject specific assessment. The aim of the subject assessment is to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject you have applied to train to teach.

The final part of the selection process is the interview.  You will be interviewed by a subject or phase specialist and the Director or Manager of PLS.  

The interview will assess you on your subject knowledge as well as your knowledge of key aspects of education and will cover the the following:-

  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Awareness of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher
  • Any teaching or school based experience
  • Enthusiasm for, and commitment to teaching
  • Appropriateness of subject qualifications
  • Capacity to expand subject knowledge
  • Self-awareness of both strengths and areas to improve
  • Resilience

What happens once you have been made an offer

Once we make you an offer it will be entered on UCAS and you will receive an offer letter in the post. This will set out any conditions such as a satisfactory DBS and health check, gaining your degree, providing NARIC statements for your non-UK qualifications or any paperwork that was missing when you attended the interview. It will also include information about our induction days, taking equivalency exams, subject knowledge enhancement programmes, tuition fee loans and any other information that you may need to know.

You do not need to make a decision immediately - you only need to reply to your offers once you've had decisions from all of your choices – you will then have 10 working days to make your decision.

Between the time you accept our offer and the start of the programme we will keep in regular contact with you either by email, newsletters and pre-programme engagement tasks.