‘Training teachers to be and inspire tomorrow's leaders’

East London is a culturally rich, diverse and evolving community and our aim is to recruit, train and retain the very best teachers for the young people in this area.  At our core, we are a partnership of schools who value teacher education and teacher educators, knowing the significant impact these groups have on the learning of the young people we serve. As a result, our curriculum focuses on the following three principles of training and education; 


Our learner centred curriculum aims to create a learning community rooted in continual reflection and professional dialogue between PLS teachers, expert colleagues and the learners they serve.   


Our subject centred curriculum recognises the importance of knowledge and encourages commitment to lifelong learning as subject masters, reflective practitioners and pedagogical experts.  


Our society centred curriculum encourages PLS teachers to serve, promote and challenge the community of the PLS partnership: PLS, partner schools and their communities of the learners.

Our core principles are manifested in our six curriculum strands; behaviour management, pedagogy planning, subject and curriculum knowledge, adaptive practice, assessment and professional behaviours. These curriculum strands, informed by the CCF (DfE, 2020) intertwine to influence how PLS teachers are educated and assessed through professional studies, subject knowledge for teaching curricula and in-school application and reflection.

Why train with us?

PLS is a unique collaboration between two teacher training centres, St Angela’s Ursuline Teacher Training Centre and The Sydney Russell School Teacher Training Centre.

Our school-led training takes place in over 40 vibrant, innovative and transforming Primary and Secondary schools in East London and Essex, covering a wide range of boroughs including, Barking and Dagenham, Newham, Redbridge, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Havering and Thurrock. 

We offer a number of routes into the teaching profession; 

“Candidates and trainees benefit from the bespoke nature of the partnership’s offer. Co-directors and mentors develop individualised training programmes.” (PLS Ofsted, 2018)