“I chose to train with Partnership London SCITT because… I knew that I would personally benefit most from a scheme that was school centred, as opposed to one of the more traditional, university-led routes that are available. I was really keen to ensure  that my training year exposed me to as much practical experience as possible. That said, PLS stood out as a provider on paper because it appeared that, whilst there would be a clear emphasis on practical and tangible experience, this wouldn't be to the detriment of its trainees' theoretical education. In other words, the SCITT offered a great balance! I made my final decision based upon how I felt after my interview and the subsequent conversations I had with Mariella Di Caro, one of PLS's Co-Directors. Mariella very kindly offered to talk to me on the phone about some of the queries that I'd had with regards to the course and the placement schools. Although this could be seen as a professional courtesy, it was a personal gesture that I appreciated hugely at the time, and, I should add, that wasn't offered by any of my other prospective training providers  That level of care and personality was what set the course apart during the application process, and, I think, what continues to be so special about it now I am training. “

“The best part of my training year is… being made to  feel part of something: my school, the PLS "family", my department, my training cohort... So far this year, I have felt like I am the newest member of a series of different teams, all of whom have welcomed me and supported me to get through the first 5-weeks. Training to be a teacher is a challenge. I already know that. But I am enjoying the challenge because there are so many supportive people around me, many of whom have done their training through PLS too. “ 

“I am most looking forward to... the moment that I can look back on where I am currently, and see how far I've come over the course of the year. Teacher training is not dissimilar to the process of learning to drive. When you start, you are all fingers and thumbs.  It feels unnatural because you've never done it before and you are desperately just trying to work out which is the right pedal to push. That's where I am now.  I am looking forward to the moment when I can teach without stalling or getting beeped at. It seems impossible, but I know it can be done because I have people around me who have all been there, done it and passed the test.  Of course, the difference with teaching is that you never really get rid of the learner plates! Can you tell my Year 9's have been doing extended metaphors this week...?” 

“So far, the highlights of my year have included... teaching my full lesson to a Year 8 class. And ...teaching my second full lesson to a Year 8 class. The progression and improvements were small, but they were there! That is a great feeling and it makes me feel excited for where I will get to in lessons 3, 4, 5 and beyond.” 

“If I was giving anyone who was thinking of becoming a teacher advice, I would say... If you are prepared to work hard, be organised, be self-reflective; to laugh at yourself and to find passion and energy even when you don't feel you have them... then do it. It is incredibly hard work but it is very rewarding and I now can't imagine myself doing anything else.”