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PLS Teacher Blog Number 1 – Anna

Reflecting on the transition to Primary PGCE

Prior to starting the Primary PGCE I was anxious. I had worked as a teaching assistant, but I knew it wasn’t the same. Working as a TA you are supporting the class teacher and supporting any pupils that have any special needs. But being a teacher is a whole different ball game. Knowing that I will be responsible for the welfare of pupils and their academic achievement is pressure enough.

Many questions went through my mind, will I teach the pupils correctly? Will I know how to teach?

However, as soon as that first interaction with the pupils came, I said to myself “you’ve got this”. The nerves melted away and I was able to see the wood through the trees. It wasn’t as bad as I initially thought, the pupils were welcoming as well as the staff members.
The one thing that I need to get to grips with is organisation, the five months of doing nothing has had an impact. I look forward to the coming months, let’s see what they will bring!